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Muse Group Women know no border

We met Jessica Antista, Founder & Artistic Director of Muse Group, at the 2017 Mother’s Day fare sale organized by the AIFCI, an association we support.

Interview with Victoria Jones, founder of S A Y A Designs

Victoria approached us with her project and we immediately loved it! S A Y A Designs is the name of her start-up, a social enterprise, creating

Alone we are limited. Together we are limitless

Find the ideal partner to create the Positive Impact our Planet needs.
We want to help you co-create a sustainable world for all. For this we are developing a Positive Impact Matchmaking platform to generate alliances and collaborations between Charities and potential Collaborators / Investors.
Support our cause and be part of this new universal movement that is lead by YouTooday thanks to your contribution. The world needs people like You.

Do you have a Cause?

If you are a charity, social enterprise or social innovator, we help you promote and communicate your work. We define and produce transmedia storytelling content that conveys your vision and values, and attracts alliances and collaborators.

  • We increase your possibility of acquiring funds and resources
  • We show the human factor behind social actions
  • We improve marketing and communication strategies
  • We provide comprehensive information for the public and the private sector
  • We generate alliances and collaborations with the private sector
  • We produce original advertising material based on transmedia storytelling
  • We increase donor loyalty rates

Are you a Company?

We show your values and we increase your Positive Impact aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to improve your positioning and differentiation towards today’s consumer and thus, create a sustainable world for all.

  • We reinforce your communication and we increase the visibility of the projects with positive impact in which you have contributed
  • Together we generate inspiration and motivation for your employees
  • We promote recognition and appreciation by your consumers
  • We consolidate your stakeholders’ trust
  • We produce original advertising material based on transmedia storytelling
  • We support you in making an even greater difference for our planet aligned to the United Nations’ SDGs

Do you want to positively impact the world?

We want to be part of your charitable achievements. We showcase charities and projects so that you can inform yourself about the positive actions that are taking place on our planet. We want to inspire you with their stories, encourage you to create and spread your own story, to support others and be part of a universal movement that generates a sustainable world for all.

  • We communicate the needs of each project
  • We offer the possibility for you to donate to projects
  • You can introduce yourself as an ambassador of any charity in which you strongly believe and support
  • You have the option to volunteer in any of the collaborative projects
  • You can send us your project for review and approval, to be included in our portal with a special mention or personalized interview
  • We support you to positively impact our planet